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Your comments are needed right now on recently-announced Trump Administration plans to open our spectacular Atlantic Coast to risky offshore drilling from Delaware down to Florida, in addition to drilling plans for the sensitive waters of the Arctic Ocean and even all along the California coast.  Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has announced a quick 45-day public comment period for his preparation of a petroleum industry substitute for the current Five-Year Offshore Leasing Plan put in place by President Obama.  The proposed Trump drilling plan would inevitably expose many of America’s most iconic coastlines to accidental oil spills and routine pollution.  Our sustainable clean-coast regional economies reliant on popular visitor serving destinations like Virginia Beach, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, South Carolina’s Grand Strand, Georgia’s Sea Islands, and Jacksonville in Florida are all threatened by the new offshore drilling plan.  Failed past attempts to bring offshore rigs into the climate-stressed Arctic Ocean have previously brought the shipwreck of a massive drilling vessel and led only to unsuccessful exploration operations.  No cleanup technology exists to respond to a runaway oil spill amidst the Arctic’s broken sea ice.  President Trump is even trying to gauge public concerns about opening parts of our National Marine Sanctuaries off of the California coast to offshore drilling, and the public’s response thus far has been overwhelming opposition.  Essentially all of America’s coastal natural treasures are now at risk under the reckless Trump drilling plan, even as critical offshore safety measures are being arbitrarily dismantled by the Administration.  Your own comments at this time are essential, and you can take meaningful action here right now: