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Dear Secretary Zinke:

Your irresponsible proposal to disregard the existing 2017-2022 Five-Year Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Plan is premature, lacking in any factual rationale, and endangers America’s clean-coast economic sector in virtually every region it would impact. Combined with your agency’s concurrent efforts to roll back the well-control safety rule and the methane rule, and the fact that climate warming obviously continues to be a major stressor for all life throughout the Arctic Ocean, your “Request for Information” proposing to open virtually all of our coastal waters to drilling is ill-advised. We urge your agency not to forget the tragic lessons of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, continue to ignore the lack of oil spill preparedness in the Arctic, and keep disregarding the importance of coastal-dependent economies and productive fisheries to our nation. You have a legal mandate to balance the existing public uses and local economies, state policies and laws, and valuable ecosystem services of our coast and coastal waters with the inevitable harm caused by any proposed extraction activities and facilities. We urge the Trump Administration to instead maintain a precautionary approach to management of America’s coastal national treasures, and to back off on your recently-announced efforts to open the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Coast, Florida and other Gulf Coast waters, and California’s coastline to expanded offshore oil and gas leasing as part of a new Five-Year Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Plan. Your announced proposal to export any petroleum found in our coastal waters to other parts of the globe represents nothing more than a return to the long-discredited “Drain America First” policies of former Interior Secretary James Watt. Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.


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